1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT Questions

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I replace the transmission its is still new but why won't the car go. It's a 1997 automatic.
Can't even start my car until I get bolt. Am I going to run into more problems after I repace
car eventually cuts out, leve for few minutes starts again, have removed cats, thermostat, changed filters, serviced injectors, redid timing, starts and idles well, just does not go,,,what else can it be?
I thought I had bad gas but it only made sound while in clutch I think its cv joint or ? Car starts goes into all gears just will not move
Engine was stalling corrected that with the servo. Now when in 1st and 2nd gear engine surges hen letting of of gas and reapplying the gas. It acts like the revs. drop way down and the jerks you when you reapply the gas.
I need to change my rear valve cover gasket. How difficult of job is this? Estimated time? Any special tools required?
I had thought I had heard in the past that the oil filter for my car should only be replaced by the manufacturers' oil filter. True? I had heard it was specifically made for my car.

Can I just go to Firestone or some place like that and have them put on any filter they say fits my car?

Please advise.


before i start to disassemle the interior.. any know exactly where the computer is located?
waiting on the manual till then..
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