1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT Questions

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Changed out the computer still not right. Car sat outside about 5 years. Trying to get it running now.
End clutch was changed but the new IPT clutch pack was soaked with ATF+4. Since learned it should have been SPlll from Mitsubishi. Transmission fluid and filter have been changed. It was brownish but not burnt. No signs of any metal, etc in filter or pan. Do I need to rechange the clutch pack and soak it in the SP lll or could it be a speed sensor or a vacuum leak somewhere? Diagnostic codes are 86 and 54. The car runs well and even on interstate but at interstate the RPMs are high because it isn't going into fourth.
I changed the fuel pump with the gage brand new.
Even the fuel pump won't work when I turn on the
Ignition key.
can you please help me?
what can I do and how much is it goiung to cost me?
I have the tire off, yet I cant seem to see how to remove the rotor from this point.
i have gone through about 10 starters and they all seem to go bad over a 4 day period and i dont know what the reason could be to make them go bad. Supposely their are differnt types of starters for my car and their is a certain starter with an "apendix" that will hit my torque converter to make it turn over but we found that one and has only been working for at least 4 days and it wont turn on at all.
Will run in park and nuetral but as soon as drive or reverse is selected in dies instantly.
The lights in my car keep flashing with no key in ignition and car won't start.
There is an ad for this car and the person says the TCU quit working so the car will only get up to 2nd gear. So, what is this, and how much would it cost to repair it? Is it safe to continue driving the car and will there be any further detriment to the engine if one drives it in this state, just in 2nd gear?
how do i replace the timing belt?
do not see how to change drive belts
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