Q: Missing Coolant, heavy black smoke, no power. on 2006 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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I've seen the comments about the EGR and oil cooler, but am wondering why I might have the heavy black smoke vice white. This truck has been a problem child since new and continues to cause hundreds of dollar repairs on a recurring basis. Love the ride and feel. Just wish I could keep it on the road. Any help with this latest issue would be appreciated.
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if the egr cooler is leaking, it will loosen carbon in the intake and it gets to the egr valve and sticks it open. if egr valve is stuck open, it will blow black smoke.

I've been reading the threads trying to figure what needs/should be replaced with the EGR valve. The best I can tell is an oil cooler, EGR Cooler, EGR valve, gaskets. Am I close? Is there any benefit in cleaning the turbo for this issue? and if so is it something a novice can do?

Thanks again.
this is a very involved job. best to be taken to a repair shop. would not hurt to have turbo cleaned while having this done. you can do an egr cooler delete and not have to replace the cooler again. suggest replacing head gaskets, oil cooler, perform egr cooler delete and clean turbo. kits are available that have all necessary parts.
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