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Q: missfire after crankshaft position sensor replaced? on 2004 Nissan Altima

04' altima 2.5 5spd. I replaced my crankshaft position sensor and reset the codes on scanner. Now its saying cylinder 4 missfire, but position sensor code went away+ check engine light( but pops on and flashes now) should i replace that coil pack? or the camshaft sensor? before this all happened at once my car would experience 3 or 4 rough lunges at 70 or 80mph. and that happened on and off untill my problem with my crank pos. sensor.almost like its starving for fuel. so I ran a bottle of sea foam in a fresh tank of gas. but now its acting like it did when i replaced the first coil pack on cylinder 2. I just dont want to spend unnecessary money! Thanks for any input! \m/
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you can pull and examine coil. usual sign of prob. is coil boot will show signs of being cooked. be good idea to pull them all and examine. cheaper to replace the boots rather than entire coil. may want to re gap plugs also or replace plugs all together. if you decide to replace all coils, suggest researching performance coils(accel's) as they are a more cost effective alternative to OEM replacements. also accel's supercoils are the brand of coils you will find in mustangs currently in production.
try ethanol treatment as fuel additive for fuel system. stab-bil makes this. it's the ethanol used in todays gasoline that causes a lot of fuel system issues(fouled injectors, excessive wear on the spark plugs, etc.).
the lunges your feeling is the mis fire. these are things you can do your self. if prob. persisting, bring it to a shop for diagnostic run.
The best way to FIX this is to replace all remaining coils with boots and spark plugs with same (OE) type plugs that came in the car new!
Dont skimp on parts as it is the cheapest to buy the best to start with. If the OE plugs are 8.00/10.00 each well that's still is the best way to go. Do it once and be done. Better for the engine also.
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