Q: Miss Fire, fuel problems on 2000 Chevrolet S10

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4.3L V6 It takes 2 to 3 trys to fire over, when the engine warms up it miss fires when driving. When your on level pavement its ok, but when you try to drive a steap incline or going against the wind it lacks power and boggs down and even pops. it does this once in a while but not all the time, If the truck sits for a couple of days it runs ok. It seems to me it's getting to much fuel. i have replaced almost everything except the fuel injectors. fuel pump was replaced 4 years ago. i don't know what could be the problem, I'm thinking its the injectors or one not working right!! anyone out there have the same problem? need help on this one...
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Re-check fuel pressure - needs to be 58 - 65 psi (63 is the preferred pressure). The next part would be the fuel pressure regulator which is in the intake manifold. There has been instances of leaks on/through the regulator and also on the tubing connections to the regulator. If you life the air intake and turn the key on (do not start) the fuel pump should run until pressure is built up and then shut off. If there is a leak on the regulator or the injector(s), you should be able to see it.
As a followup to this, you may or may not actually see the fuel leak. If there is an area on the intake manifold that looks like it has been washed as it is nice and shiny, there is a leak. The top of the intake manifold under the upper intake manifold should be covered with a black soot of sort. There should be no shiny areas.