miss fire on 2000 Ford F-150 Lightning

I just replaced all coils ,pluges, inner cooler, lower intake, injecter @ # 6 it still miss fires good compession.

by in Napa, CA on April 30, 2011
3 answers
ANSWER by on April 30, 2011
Random or specific cylinder? Did you replace the boots as well. Check the spark plug again for cracks. Could be a bad injector...
ANSWER by on April 30, 2011
Is it only one cylinder? The code returned to the same cyl. that was misfire before? We need to know a bit more about the history on this. Hal has the right questions about the connector boots and the cracked insulation. Zee
ANSWER by on December 05, 2011
it could also be a lifter or cam follower which will cause the first compression stroke to show compression but after that you will not have compression causing the miss i have seen this several times personally

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