Q: misfire,code,po300,po420,po305,po301,po303 on 2000 Dodge Ram Van 1500

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what i did so far,changed cap,roter,plggs,wires,iac,cts,pikup coil,muffeler,air fltr,serp blt,feulpump,cleand o2 with carb cleaner,took off feul rail cleaned,feul injecters,after all that the fukin lite still on,can some smarter feller tell this poorvet wat he missed,please and thankyou.
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Did light come back on as soon as the engine was started, or after a while?
May have to use the scanner to clear codes.

Did you really clean an O2 sensor with carb cleaner? If so do you have a scanner to monitor it with , to make sure it still functions? And are you using OEM parts ?
it actuly was mas senser cleaner,and i unhookrd the - , put the old wires bak in ,the new ones had some wite film on bottum of distr side ,put again new sparks in then inthe fuse boxs under hood 2 fuses oxsencer and a relay were corroded bad cleaned them really good along with battery term plus i put gave it an oil change ,added 2 bottles der alube severe fuel cleaner,this shit seemed to all seemed to happen wen i got gas at this certain place,maybe to much ethenails ,now it seems to start drive alot better ,no chek engne lite yet ,dont have a clue wat i may have did but by the grace of the cargod its starting to come around.