Q: Misfire on my number 2 cycl. on 2003 Mini Cooper S

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Have a misfire on my number 2 cyl. Wondering what that could be besides the wires or perhaps the injectors?
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Misfires can be caused by several things such as faulty spark plugs, ignition coils, fuel injectors, vacuum leaks etc. internal engine problems like leaking valves, ring problems etc can also cause misfires.

I hope your issue falls into the "usual suspects" category and is caused by a bad plug or coil.

My concern is that we have seen several of S and non S cars with valve seat problems. This means the valve cannot seal properly so compression is lost. Testing will need to be performed. Good luck!
-ignition coil
-spark plug
-intake manifold leak at #2 runner
-low compression
-worn cam lobes at #2 cyl.
-ECM problem
-wiring to coil and/or fuel injector
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Very good chance it could be the ignition coil or spark plug, the spark plugs are pretty expensive and the ignition coil sits on top of the spark plug.
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