Q: misfire on 2002 Ford Windstar

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I had a full tuneup done,also a transmission flush, the problem only happens maybe once a week or every two weeks no certain time, but it feels like the car is bucking or misfire, it happens when you accelarate took to mechanic and it does not do it with him of course, it is driving me crazy. but the car seems like it will die when it happens.
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This kind of a bucking or surge is probably ignition related and the fact that its intermittent makes it difficult to find. I frequently drive customers cars home at night (or several nights) with their permission to try to find theses types of problems. Ask your repair shop is a mechanic could hook up a fuel gauge, tape it to the windscreen or hook up a scan tool and drive the car home at night and see if they can at least experience the problem. I do all the diagnostic work where I work and at least once a week end up driving a car home to find a problem.