Q: mirror turn signal bulb replacement on 2005 Ford Expedition

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i have a 2005 expedition and the vanity light and the turn signal lights have stopped working ( at different times) but i have been unable to locate the screws that would allow axcess to these bulbs. I have stopped at several service centers and have gotten several answers non of which i am comfortable attempting either solution.
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When you say vanity light - do you mean the lights on the sun visors or the upper center console lights, or the ceiling lights mid-ship?

Turn signals - you mean the fronts? Or the rears?
I'm talking about the outside drivers door mirror, there is a turn signal lamp and a courtesy lamp ( or as i have seen a puddle light)
I would be uncomfortable too, as removing the mirror glass (as is required to service these bulbs) is not something that I consider easy. The mirror tabs are quite fragile, and must be released carefully. However, this is indeed how you get to the bulbs, unfortunately.