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Q: minimum thickness & safest thickness of rotors before they have to be replaced? on 2005 Honda Odyssey

what is the minimum and safest thickness of front disc rotors before they have to be replaced. car mileage 130,000
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I do rotors with each pad change. If you have 130k and the rotors are original, then they are over due. There is so much more than just thickness to think about. There is warpage issues, there are hot spot issues and on and on. Skimping on the brakes, which is a major safety system, is UNWISE. Your car is a minivan that carries your family yes? Be SAFE!
The minimun thickness is stamped on the inside of the rotor. As long as you are above the minimum thickness and the rotor is straight, (and without surface defects) using the rotor is not dangerous. I agree, if the rotors have 130,000 miles, then they are toast - but replacing rotors with each pad change may be excessive. It depends a lot on how you drive and other variables.
Dear Annonymous,
There is a small device on most brake pads commonly called a " Screecher" because of the high-pitched squeal it produces. It is a small metal tang built in to the pad itself. As the pad wears down the skreecher comes into contact with the surface of the rotor thereby telling you that it is now time to change the pads. With diligent attention to the mantainence aspect of car ownership, you must observe by yourself, you may not have to replace the rotors at all this time or next. The compounds used in the pads are softer than the steel rotors and wear or "Marry" together and keep the excessive wear of the rotor to a minimum, thereby allowing you to use the rotor more than once, even twice. I have done it. So, pay close attention to the tales your car tells you, and you will be pleasently suprised at how much you can save by being a good car owner.
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