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The top needs to
Be replaced. The fabric is simply worn and getting in the way of the
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
It's my daughters car. She hit a piece of rubber on the high way. It cracked the thermostat housing, and auxiliary water pump housing. I replaced both pieces and filled with anti freeze. Cranked and ran the car. Drove it 20 miles down the hi-way. It ran fine the best I could tell. When I pulled back in the driveway and shut it off, it never started again. It cranks, runs rough a few seconds and dies. When it starts and I remove my foot from the break , it dies immediately.
When I leave my mini idling for the second time this quarter the check engine light turns on. The mini still runs after that but with less power and I notice that the turbine's air release is nowhere to be heard. The last time it happened I turned it off and on and then check engine light went away with power restored. I give this car all the maintenance at the BMW dealer I bought the mini from always on time. I'm already pushing 80,000 miles... What could it be?
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