2009 Mini Cooper S Questions

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I'm one of the unfortunate JCW owners needing a clutch at 31k miles. Is it better to go with Sachs or mini. I don't know who makes mini part nor if they upgraded so is another OEM better. It's an expensive proposition and I don't know how much longer I plan to keep car.
These lights can not clear / reset as it seems that the deferent electronic systems do not communicate. Mini was send to professionals and linked to their computer systems and they can not clear fault codes on the ABS. Was advise to replace whole electric harness. Want to try and resolve myself but info hard to find on the electronica (computers systems)
with sun roof
Have new turbo. Torqued all bolts to spec. No apparent vaccum leaks.
First problem happens every day. Second problem happens after matting the throttle.
Last month my 2009 mini cooper s wouldn't start.It made a strange noise, A estimate came in at $ 3,886, It has 124.500 miles. I discovered the warranty ran out at 11200 miles. The shops said it needed a timing chain,gears and tenisors. Also cylinder head gaskets,there is a oil leak as well. Really need a second opinion. On a fixed income, would it be better to by the parts an just work on labor? How much would the repair cost?
I have also experienced the car locking it's self whilst still running and I was outside. Also a panel on the windscreen is coming off.
Runs & drives fine. Reg maintenance on oil, tires, brakes, brake fluid etc. -> Fuel rail froze 3 or 4 times this winter. Car would run rough 'till warm, then fine after restart. (I'd let it idle for a few minutes then shut off and it would start/run fine.) Half-shaded CEL until 1 or 2 'regular' starts; then CEL off.
My Mini Cooper electronic shift malfunction light came on and I'm concerned because I'm a road trip what should I do? How bad could it be?
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