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My key will not come out of the ignition. It will start and stop, but will not release.
How long have you had this problem? started today
indicator for fog light but only found LH license plate bulb out. is there a reset option?
the off switch is off and car is off. all the lights flash and I don't know whats wrong
Car received a tune up for malfuntion in two piston not releasing, now I am replacing the clutch. But it seems that the Brake light won't come off nor will the icon of the car on a platform. The machanic does the logistic test and nothing comes up. What could it be?
Is there a gasket below the trans. cooler? The hose fittings are tight and not leaking. Thanks
My daughter's car was making an unusual noise and so she brought it to repair shop. It was 3qt low on oil! Repair shop added oil, drove it a bit (surprised it sounded and felt fine but there were some error codes) and recommended brake job and water pump replacement (leaking) along with a thermostat replacement. Started the car in the afternoon to bring it in for water pump replacement and it sounded so bad he didn't start the work and will do some more inspection (remove valve cover) but the engine will probably need replacement. No obvious oil leaks, oil changed and checked regularly. Issue may be with reading the dip stick? Does anyone else have this issue?
80,000+ miles. Ticks faster as I accelerate
How long will it take a technician to install a fundamental Mini Cooper roof rack on Mini Cooper?
do I need to replace the Spark Plugs on my 2010 Mini which is now on 90177K
How do I reset seatbelt warning light?
Drivers seat stuck will not move please help
CC-ID 030 CC-ID 126 CC-ID 142
The car stalled numerous times on start up but then ran okay after that. Tire gauge lights came on and off oil light came on and off. Dealer said it was out of oil even though my mechanic here checked it. Is this a faulty wiring harness and the dealer is just trying to charge me $300.00 for something that I shouldn't be charged for?
Does this need a trickle or float charger when garaged for the winter? Is there any other special thing to do before storing it?
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