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I have an 2009 Mini S. Sometimes when I try to start my Mini, it just will not turn over, battery seems dead. If someone jumps me off, it only takes less than a minute or two to start. I have noticed that this happens when I leave the head lights on automatic. Do I need to just purchase a new battery or could it be something else causing this?
It happens between gear 2 and 3 only. It revs up to over 5000 then drops super fast and jerks into gear.
I have to add oil once a month. I had it checked and there is not a leak.
The car idles high with surges and then Boggs down below 1000rpm. It idles at below or just at 1000. When taking off it rev high and then Damn near stall. If you stop it will stall but keeping the motor art 1100 rpm keeps it from dieing out completely.
N12 engine, is this the time frame that the timing/tension belt needs replacing? Things that I should look out for to negotiate pricing?
We have replaced the thermostat and also the water pump
today the light came on and when I shut the car off the fan kept running for about 5 minutes
Soon after it started making this clack, clack, clack sort of a sound. I checked my owners manual and it said red battery light means the battery is no longer being charged, there may be an alternator malfunction. I've only had my 2009 Mini Cooper for about 1yr and 4mo. it has 40,000 or so miles on it.
Any ideas what is going on with it, what caused it, and about how much it's going to cost me?
[ mini soft top 2009}my boot pops and try's to open I can hear the lock clicking all the time, this is a random fault seems to be affected more so lately.. I only have one key fob is that the problem or is the boot opener at fault. this orginally begin to happen when it cold or damp. thanks
2009 Mini was driven approximately 150 miles yesterday. Wife got in and started vehicle this morning and brake light with car on lift came on. Owners manual indicates these light indicates Vehicle Electronics failed. What is the problem we should investigate?
it doesnt like traffic will stacked up its gear..AT
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