Q: MIL light on and intermittent loss of power on 2003 Volkswagen Passat

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I got a code 17801 - Ignition Coil Power Output 1 :I had problems with the ignition coils and I replaced them. We were getting multiple misfires, after doing the plugs, cables and coils I finally got it fixed. A year or so later this just came up. Any ideas what to start with. There were no recorded cyl misfires just this Electrical Malfunction P1393 35-10 Intermittinet.
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So this is an Ignition Coil Power Output Stage 1 malfunction. Did you use a factory OEM Coil Pack, because if not, they will fail in short order, like a year or less?

Also, you need to use the factory wire set, because after market wires will blow out the coil pack as well. I have done lots of Ignition Codes on the V6 2.8 VW/Audi engine and I only use factory parts or the car will fail in short order, as I mentioned above.
Does ignition coil power output stage 1 malfunction mean all 3coils failed in a 96 audi a4 2.8 v6?
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