Q: Mil command Status Fail, What is the cost of repair or estimate? on 2000 Toyota Corolla

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My car failed emission ispection because of the following Problems:
Mil Command Status- Fail. What is the cost of repair?
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The terminology may be different in Maryland than here in California. MIL stands for Maintenance Indication Light. It is related to emission failure.
Does the yellow Check Engine Light come on when you turn the ignition key to the second position and then go of when you start the engine? The light must come on when the key is turned on and go out once the engine starts. If the Check Engine Light stays on when the engine is running a scan tool is required to retrieve trouble codes stored in your cars computer. These codes will point to the area or item that is causing emission failure.
check engine lights does not come on at all obdll tese results
mil blub working; pass
connector damanged; pass
communication established; pass
mil commanded on ; fail

how do i fix this problem ?
engine rpm at reading 00629