Q: Metal and plastic in oil pan on 1999 Mercury Cougar

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My cougar has 137,000 miles on it. Had the oil changed, mechanic found two pieces of metal and plastic in the oil pan.
What might have caused this and would it be worth making this repair?
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Could be pieces from timing chain tensioner. Does the engine have any rattle on initial start-up (or continuous)? IF the rest of the car is in good shape , then it may be worth the repair(s). Depends on how much you like the car, what estimates you get and any other options you might have.
Thank you for your input. The engine has had a rattle on initial start up for a long long time.
I think the rest of the car is in good shape. I have an oil leak, which is why the car went into
the garage this last time. Seems the oil leak is worse now. Mechanic told me the transmissions in
these cars were weak. Told me to think hard about what I wanted to do.