2000 Mercury Villager Questions

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Solenoid what do I need to do

The window hatch and tailgate were damaged in a recent accident. It will not close properly and I was wondering what year models have the same back door as my 2000?

The van stalled and was towed to my house, it is a friend's van, the owner let it sit for a couple hours and then decided to go try to start it. When she started it, it turned over and she decided hold the gas pedal down causing the engine to rev very high and now the engine is knocking.

Out of nowhere I noticed the steering wheel has uncentered to the far left (instead of the center at 12 o'clock it has moved to 7 o'clock). Also while turning right even the slightest bit, the entire front right side of the van shakes quite a bit. It seems like one point of the tire is synchronized with the shaking. It is also losing power steering fluid slowly. My wife drives the van so I don't know exactly how the problem has progressed to this point. I don't want her driving, especially with our 2 year old son in it. I can't see anything that seems out of place or shifted besides the steering wheel position and the fluid loss. Thank you.

Do I need to replace this to pass state inspection? If yes, how much?

I have a 2000 Villager and I just replaced the cylinder, but now every so often, the steering wheel will lock so I can't move it but the car will continue to move, obviously making it very dangerous. Has anyone had any similar problems with voyager steering wheels?

The noise comes from the back. It happens when I drive over a speed bump.

After a rain fall car idles rough with Check Engine light flickering. It almost stalls

The engine light never goes off. The speedometer only shows zero most of the time esp. when the temperature is hot outside. The CD player also does not work when the temp is above 75 degrees. What is causing this?

Is it also attache to the drop pipe

The sensor side has a white,black, white. The car side of the plug has a blue/yellow,black. The blue/yellow has broken off and the pigtail for my van is obsolete. Would like to cut out the plug and splice the wires.