1999 Mercury Villager Questions

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Distributor was replaced 1 year ago, and fuel pump replaced 3 years ago. I tried a fuel injector cleaner with the gas I added but nothing.
I was told is the distributor or the distributor cap. Wich one should I get
fuses look good and bulbs are ok.
seemed to fun fine for a few days then it started cutting out very bad when the engine got warm and would even die. Replaced the distributor and plugs and wires again ran fine for awhile. Now some times it wont start engine turns over but will not start, and other times starts cutting out and dies after short distances took it back to where we bought the dist. they changed the cap said it had a crack in it again did good for a couple of days but is doing it again any ideas
then dos same thing o2 sensor or what?
van was running fine turned it off then went to start it and it chugged and died wouldnt start for another 2 hrs and when it started it chugged like it wasn't getting gas then died again..checked fuel pump changed filter put new crank censor new plugs and wires among other parts .. husband turn distributor then it sounded out of time back firing..his friend came and lined distributor back up turns over but now no spark through the plugs they cant figure it aggravated been without van for a month now
It has only happened once when it was parked in my drive-way on a slight downward hill. I'm afraid to crank the car because the gas seems to be coming from under the hood...HELP!
I'm sure its my radiator but before it died it wouldn't shift out. What does this sound like it could be?
my vehicle is overheating, ive literally done everything except change the heater core and heater control valve. Ive changed the water pump, radiator and hoses and the thermostat. I have drained the the system and back flused the inlet and outlet hoses that connect at the fire wall and ive tried back flushing the heater core, yet its still overheating.
this has been happening everyday until it won't start at all had it towed home
Brand new compresser how much oil don't want to over fill
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