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Is there an access panel to the fuel pump on a 1997 ford mercury villager mini van GS
Kicks a little when going in 2cnd gear only and have a misfire code po300. Sludge on spark plugs
Is the fuel pump located above the fuel tank, or in the fuel tank?
Hi I have a 1997 Mercury Villager I know you're busy I had to replace a brake booster on her I was driving all day everything was fine well other than the bad brake booster but it was driving just fine now so I got home and I got the brake booster from AutoZone I'll be placed it I took out the form holds the retaining clip to the brake cuddle unhook all the braking components and I'll put them both in there and I put everything back together and try to start it no lights or Electronics I have it until your turn on other than the dome lights no bending no problem the Clifton nothing like the normal sounds turning the van on but nothing happens I don't know what's wrong and I'm losing money because I'm a delivery driver please help anyone knows anything please please help
problem occurs everytime the car is used
just changed master cylinder, now rear wheel on driver side locking down. when i bleed the line will free wheel up but after driving a few miles will lock back down. Line look good what am i doing wrong?
Not leaking fluid lines look good But when i bleed rear wheel. It unlocks drive less than a few miles wheel lock back down?
It does not happen when col but especially when I get out on the highway it starts to happen. I have replaced a the fuel filter and and put gas additive in to clean the injectors and it did not help. What should I be looking at?
My van will start some times but other times it has like a slow dragging sound I guess not sure rally how to describe it but that is as close as I can when I put it in park it will idel down and die most of the time there is some times it will not but most time it does had it checked and it said it was the knock sensor was bad and my 02 sensor but I have read that it is not always those sensors that r bad anybody have any ideas on who is right ty in advance
When your driving it don't shift right or idle right when you come to a stop
While i was driving got plenty of gas.
replaced compressor,dryer,cooling fan and runs fine now but when air is off and fan cuts on the temp gauge jumps from normal to 1st hot line...then cools back down...wondering if air in system.if so then where are bleeder valves located.
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