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How do you replace a Fuel Pump on a 1995 Mercury Villager..and also do you know where i can find a manual for it..thanks
i put a new water pump and theromsat in and keep over heating and also will not stay runing with out ur foot on gas pedal plz help ...(95 villager)
my van won't start or turn over, the battery has plenty of power.
Sometimes I have to grind and grind before it starts, other times it starts right up. No certain times.
Very slow starting,loss of power,Very rough running.
Have changed fuel filter,cap,plugs, wires with in the year.
Filter just changed again and added injection cleaner Seafoam & Textron.
Has been slow starting and just a little rough for 1 yr.
Just got real bad after sitting for 30 days. 130,000 miles
Thanks for any ideas, Ken
had a smog test done passed everything but the evap. pressure test. what parts do i need to buy to repair the problem
just happened. It is not driven often
How to install front cv axles on 1995 mercury villager
how do i change thermostat
the heater stops putting out heat at a stop, blows cold air, once car start moving blow hot again. I have ck coolant and overflow was low added drove still doing it will check once car is cooled down but was wondering what else to ck
We just had the radiator replaced because it was leaking. We put in a new battery 1 month ago. After we brought the van home, it would not start after 2 hours of sitting. All lights come on but no sound from starter or anything. What could be wrong? Is it connected to replacing the radiator or coincidence?
Mechanic asked me to replace the ball joint and told me $400 to replace for both side of balljoints?
Please help.
1995 Mecury Village, getting error code from OBD One 32, 34, 45 and 51.
Now Repair shop said #3 and #5 Fule Injector Failure. Asking for $480 for repairs? The check engin light was on for almost 2 years. In a hot day of august it was stoped on Interstate. Please advice.
I bought a 1995 Mercury Villager how can I find out if the recalls were ever repaired
Will it "smoke" if it is "going out"?
How important is it to repair the
air compressor?
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