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i have code 55 Key power input to processor open circuit i could not find answer anywhere
After cleaning the area. No apparent signs of where it's coming from. Any answers?
Catch. Sound like it wants to start but,at first when it happened it started then shut off to next light. After trying to start it,a smell came from under hood. Got a jump,once cable from other vehicle was taken off. The cable attached to my vehicle started to smoke.
For instance: im going downhill good, all at once the gas pedal isnt doing anything, then it works again, going uphill is even worse. Although, ive used my vehicke for weeks with no problem, then starts doing that again, I dont know why, I need your help.
I had been in bumper to bumper traffic on a freeway. When I got to the exit ramp oil light came on and engine began to sound like a diesel. Pulled over waited approximately 2 hours for engine to cool. Checked and oil level was fine. Started the vehicle and was driving down the road engine just it started pulled over to side of road....died..tried to start would start for a few seconds but could never get it to run long enough to move...towed
My air filter compartment does not align and seal because the plastic side & bottom is warped. Consequently, i have large gaps on the side and bottom of it. I can even see the filter inside. Does this affect the cars performance? My car runs rough when I put it in gear (chug chug, shake like it wants to die)and sounds like it is mis-firing even at high speeds. Help please. RW
It is running hot the water in rad is ciculating. Temp gauge in the red and steam there is a small leak in hose close to the t section of hose. Do I need to replace water pump ,hose and thermal stat? Needless to say on tight budget. Thanks for info
I found one at a wrecker yard but I've got to take it off what prep should I do Special tools? How do I know if the electrical is good? Any tricks getting it aligned?
How about changing the pop up window? I have a newer tinted one. Is it jus the pins, hydraulics and wires?
at first van would go more then 30km an hour, then would go at all. replaced fuel pump, spark plugs, fuel filter, and air filter. now it goes but is difficult to start after sitting for a bit (couple hours), emits a strong fuel smell and feels bogged down (lacking power)
It starts up and runs for about 4 minutes, then just dies again. Sofar it has started each time afterwards. Please Help.
95 mercury villager
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