1994 Mercury Villager Questions

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driver side brake light does not work but tail light does and passenger side brake & tail works. I also changed the bulb still didn't work
wondering if anyone knows if these are still around.
changed the plugs and dustibuter cap, no change. replaced the distributor but that was ok.
believe this is a fuel pressure issue. replaced the fuel pump but still will not start

1994 mercury villagr
My front air works but my rear air is not working.
my van is running rough at Idling i change the spark Plug and points
It happens when I apply the breaks.I checked the pads,roters and drums they are good.It's not the break pads grinding.
the van has a clunking sound now when i drive down the road, sounds like i have a flat tire, but don't! also if i let go of the wheel the van jerks to the right bad!! what's wrong???
When I first drive no noise, no knock at acceleration.
Stalled once than restarted when shut off won't start has fuel and fire no inj pulse
i took it to autozone to get checked and they said they couldnt because they can only check 96 and up.
While driving at high speed, a grinding noise occurred and the AC (was already not very cold) went warm. The last 2 days the grinding noise comes and goes. Small amount of "smoke" coming from the main belt area. Is it the AC compressor or the water pump? So far no leaks or over heating.
all my power windows and locks stoped working fuses are good what else should i lok for to fix
The van runs fine and has plenty of power on acceleration. Idles at normal rpm, Idel air control motor is working good, egr valve works good by manual depression. Vacuum is steady at 15 inches of mercury. Inspected spark plugs, no problems found, cleaned rotor, distributor cap and inspected plug wires. No emission codes. It's not to bad in park but is very noticeable and sounds like it's going to die at a stop in drive.
some times the brake tail lights will stay on. dont dare take my van across the state it will be going fine and then just totaly shuts its self right down like you turned the key off.has anyone had these problems? and how do i fix it?i have taken it to many shops and they can't find anything wrong ( passes all tests )
The problem occurs while driving down the road. I don't know the diagnostic code. it will take several times to get it started.we think it is either the distibutor shaft or the fuel injector is still clogged from cleaning.
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