1993 Mercury Villager Questions

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It starts up perfectly fine. After I put it in drive it dies out as soon as I go.
Nothing much more to say. Van is like new just speedometer is stuck. Odometer is working.
can I repair it?
Stranger with tools said "I know what it is - It's your (3rd) wire, the one that activates the switch." I wanted to see the connection but he said to get in and try it. started right off; problem solved but returned 3 days later. I can't find the same wire, have tried to tighten all connections, but it won't turn over. No click, nothing.
What am I missing? Thanks for any help; count on my reliable vehicle . . . thanx . . . tanck. 08-07-2015.
so I put antifreeze in and it started working then quite again but there is still antifreeze. so I checked the fuses and there was a 10 fuse where there was to be a 20 so I changed and still nothing
how do i change my trans fluid on 1993 mec villanger
can i drain from a drain plug
and when i shut it off am starte it again its fine untill it reaches 30 mph then goes in nuteral
do I follow the distributer cap numbers or is it mixed up?
I do not have the permanent code assigned to the vehicle ...It is used to program your personal code into the system. I have the code it is set at, but the car locks itself sometimes with my phone, purse, etc in the car. The number it has is very hard to remember and I need to change it asap.....The manual says 3 taped pieces have been put into the car nowhere to be found. How can I change it to a number I can remember in an emergency since it locks itself occasionally????????
I took the wheel off and nothing seemed lose. It comes and goes while i drive. Its fine when I drive at slower speeds. Then it shakes bad at 50mph. Shakes the steering wheel. I was going to change out the ball joints and tie-rods because its easy and all bolt on parts. How will i tell if its an axel or ? Ps. last winter i went in the ditch with this van so there could be some wear from that. I have put 6000 highway miles on it in the last 4 months, driving back and forth from Denver to Spokane, WA. I want to drive back up to WA again for Thankgiving but I need to fix this first.
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