1999 Mercury Tracer Questions

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What would be making the car stall when it warms up?
The Belt just turns and turns and won't turn on no spark
Why does my car hesitate to run when I step on the gas or change gear?
Do i need a stronger batt or shouldnt the alt keep the car running. It dies as soon as i take the cables off.+ or -
I'm having difficulty keeping the tension off the tensioner is there a way to lock it open do I need to remove the top motor mount for more room or what
I checked the timing belt and it was ok
Its really cold outside and car won't drive but will start of
No spark coming from my 1 and 4 leading to sparkplugs.
just bought car. horn and wires missing.which place under the hood would it be located.
Speedometer, horn, and cruise control have suddenly stopped oprerating. what has happened?
Where are the plugs, so I can flush my radiator and what is the best antifreeze to use so that the radiator doesn't gunk up
How do i know if it's bearings? Car is shaking badly constantly. What all could be causing this?
Car stalls after driving about 20 minutes or so.
Took it to the garage. (All codes came back clean).

Bucks when trying to get into second gear via Overdrive.
Bucks when trying to go past 45 MPH. Then stalls. Wait a little bit and then will start. Temp gauge says normal not over heating.
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