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I changed the passenger side no problem but when I went to change the drivers side, I cant get it out. I called a local garage and they told me to just get 2 pry bars behind it and apply even force and it would come out. I cant even get 2 bars behind it so that was in an issue. I called and asked someone else I know that works on cars and they told me that it doesnt come out and that even if I did get it out that it would knock down the spider gears and then I would have to replace the transmission so leave that piece in and just take that piece of the new axle and attatch the rest of it to the old one thats in there now. I have no cue what to do. Can I leave the old piece in the transmission or do I have to get that out? and if I do knock it out from the passenger side will I knock down the spider gears? What do I do here because prying does nothing? Thanks
I'm not getting an power at all what would that be an what would make it do it keeps blowing fuse to
2 weeks ago low coolent light came on so I added coolent and it's been running fine ever since. Today at stop light, smoke started coming from under hood. I turned the car off and waited approximately 8 min, 2 light cycles, then pulled over and turned the car off again. I checked my coolant and my oil and both are fine. No fluids leaked out at all. I drove the car home after the engine cooled down, driving with the heat on. I was able to get it home safely. ( I had been using the a/c at the time it overheated.)
1997 Toyota Mercury Tracer
Turns over, i have spark and fuel new timing belt double checked timing.
Has been working perfect. Went to go somewhere and would not go into any gear
Runs fine otherwise.
A/c is sticking and making car run hard
I went to get a smog test and failed. My check engine light was on and the code p0715 appeared. I changed the speed sensor already and my check engine light turned off, but when I plug it into my obdii the code still appears. I'm not sure if my car will pass
the fan doesn't come on at all but car hasn't gotten hot
Wheel, or slow down. Checked the lug nuts.
Car was running normally, stopped somewhere for 5 minutes and car wont start. Getting fuel, changed camshaft position sensor and checked timing belt.
The timing belt had 3 ribs missing so I replace that and the belt tensioner with new parts. Followed the repair manual on timing the engine. It still will not start. I have spark and fuel. When I turn the crank by hand it jumps time at the crank. Do I need to replace the crankshaft sprocket? Or is there something else I am missing?
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