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I'm not getting any circulation out of transmission
went home on lunch break. went to leave to go back to work, no power. key turns, no lights or noises made. just silence. tried screwing with the battery wires. I got nothing
Directions for doing this myself and how long will it take to complete?
I have a 1996 Mercury Tracer. 186,000 miles. Runs great. Started making rattling noise about 3 months ago. Seems to be worse with it is cold and when starting. Sounds metallic and coming from the motor and it is increasing in frequency and louder when cold. Runs great. Last I went to the mechanic it did not make any noise. What is likely the problem? What should I do?
I have a popping noise on the drivers side of car, check engine does come on. When i start the vehicle sometimes it idels good and some times it dies after a few sec but then it will start up, when i start driving the popping noise starts right away and sometimes it takes awhile but when it pops the car chugs like its either not get gas or something with air flow. The tps and mass airflow have been changed kind sounds like it's up by the fire wall. Sometimes when it happens the car won't start till after a few mins
k my car after driving awhile starts making a poppin noise on drivers side, when it is popping there is no power and seems like it wants to die after awhile the popping noise go's away. and runs just fine anyone tell me what it is or the area to look
I just bought this car. Had alot of work done, plugs, wires, coil pack, fuel filter and pump, throttle sensor, cam shaft, pcv vavle. The guy said it boggs on accleration for awhile then the vehicle picks back up to speed. He said it was the map sensor is this correct? There is no check engine light on or comes on
car overheats when i turn on the air conditioner , i replaced the temp sensor switch and cooling fan is ok but wont come on
fuel pump is it in tank
When I start my car the idle goes up and down but when I am driving it is fine,what can be causing it to do this?
When I start my car the idle goes up and down but when I am driving it is fine,what can be causing it to do this?
overheating has not occured bought car in march no tune-up since i bought still rockin in milw
when i start my car in the am it runs fine, but the second it hits temp it starts to miss and runs extremely rough
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