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I have a popping noising and it sounds like it is coming from the drivers'side, the check engine light will come on and when it pops it looses power and either dies or rpms get low. This is my daily driver and i'm scared to drive it on the hwy cause it makes the popping noise at hwy speed. Someone said my muffler or part of my exhaust could be clogged or something else Please help
95 mercury tracer, chugged on acceleration, it was a plugged converter, now since i got new converter, after driving a lil while it makes a popping noise and the check engine light comes on, today i drove it it made a popping noise no check engine light on, now it acts like it wants to start but won't just makes a popping noise
I have a 95 mercury tracer 1.9, I fixed the chugging on acceleration problem, now after driving for a bit it will make a popping sound then check engine light will come on and lose power for a bit then will go back to driving fine, can someone tell me what it is.
When i turn the key on the dashboard lights come on as do the electronics in the car, but i went to start it today and the lights still came on like normal but instead of rolling over when you go to start it it just doesnt do anything besides the lights coming on...any ideas? and while i have you guys here, how many wires does the starter have 1 or 2? because i may have a temporary fix if it has 2 but its going to be a pain to keep getting to the starter every damn day
Is the fuel sendin unit part of the fuel pump?
I is the compress or voltage for a good fuel pump? and i have never tested a fuel pump before could someone give me an idea how to thanks
where would the relay for the fuel pump be located? When i turn the key i hear the pump buzz for a couple sec and thats it. Shuldn't u hear the pump goin all the time?
would a bad fuel pump cause chuggin on acceleration, then after few mins the car gets back up to speed?
what makes chugging on acceleration, I also get very poor gas mileage
i asked a mechanic and he said that my timing belt needs replacing
New starter, Battery good also altenater but will run when kick start it is a manual shift
I don't know what these are called just that they look like giant springs. My right front wheel when I drive I keep thinking I have a flat tire but when I get out tio look the tire is fine. Today, driving home, I experienced what to me felt like a stearing problem and I pulled over to take a look. I found an oily substance inside the right front wheel well and it looks like it is coming from the giant spring above the axle? I don't know if it is power stearing fluid or if those springs are the shocks. I'm wondering if a seal is broken somewhere. If anyone reads this and has an idea of what the oily, greasy stuff is. and what might be going on, I would appreciate it.
I guess my only question is "what is leaking, and what are those giant springs called?"
(The brakes seem fine. I didn't see any wetness from that area.) thank you!
At first the car idled sporadic and stalled when I backed out. As days went by it got worse and worse.I would have to put the car in to park at EVERY stop and give gas so the car would not stall. The check engine light never came on. I just bought the car and was told that I would probably need a tune up,I thought maybe that was it. I scheduled one. Before I left I checked oil-good, air filter-good, put in fuel-injector cleaner-it seemed to fix the stalling well.A few hours hours later I started it up and it made this loud repeated noise like a baseball card in a bike spoke, so i shut it off. I tried to start it again and it tried to start and turned over but nothing. After a few times it finally started up and the noise was back but this time the check engine light came on. Any ideas?
front seal on transmission slight leak, is there a quick fix?
when I fill up I can see a steady drip from underneath the car. If I park at a downward slope with the front of the car downwards the tank does not leak. If I park with the rear of the car facing the downward slope the tank drips gas. If I park on level ground the tank does not leak. If the tank is more than half full the tank leaks gas but if it is less it only leaks when parking downwards and at fill up. Do I need to replace the gas tank, and ow much does this cost?
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