1995 Mercury Tracer Questions

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Next day alternator. Went out replaced alt. And battery still no turn signal or rpm gauge is there a relay r something. The fuses were checked and are OK. Please help. Good car just needs help.
The car just cut out on the freeway, and will not start. The fuel pump is working and I get a spark at the plugs.
hot wire from batter look like it cut and i can not find were it go to.
We have a 1997 and 1999 for parts. Both have 2.0 engines with good transmissions and bad engines. We have a 1995 1.9 with a bad transmission, but good engine. We would like to know if the transmissions are exchangeable. Thanks!
Changed computer still didn't work. No check engine light on either.
The light is not lighting. I have changed the bulb (921) and still not lighting up when brake is applied.
Just purchased this car and owner said gas tank was cracked but sealed and is not leaking gas. Problem is we can smell gas when running the car and standing by it. Sound like it need replacing? What does that usually cost?
Sometimes I can restart it a couple times to get the blower/windows/wipers to come on but then they will suddenly stop working when I'm on the road. I've been told it's the ignition electrical switch.
when I force a lot of acceleration it goes but it is very hestitant
I changed the flasher switch and it worked for about 10 hours and the hazard lights started flashing again.
While stopping at a light the car engine shuts off. If pulling into a driveway the car engines shuts off. If accelerate between 40 - 50 mph it chuggs but once past 55 mph the engine runs smoothly. If it is cold outside the car starts without a problem if it is humid this does not happen.
I need to know where the fuel reset is.
Would advance timin make a car pop out of the intake? Then after driving it awhile with it popping the check engine light comes on
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