1994 Mercury Tracer Questions

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Car was running fine one day. Went to McDonald's, ate, came back out and tried to start the car and it wouldn't start. We changed both the battery, the starter, the starter relay, and vacuum hose.What could it be? No lights had been on previously to warn me of anything happening. Lights in car still turn on as well
The seal is leaking
I put it in park, had my foot on the brake, and the emergency brakes on. I tried with other options, brake on / brake off, in park / in drive, Emergency brake on/off.
I got a new alternator, starter pack and battery. My power seatbelts and turn signals stopped working. My car wont stay running. It stalls when I get done the road or before getting out of the driveway and wont start. It may or may not the following day. What is my problem?
My seatbelts are the kind that slide over your chest and the second part is on the floor and has to be pulled over your lap. I just had the alternator and starter coil.....pack??? replaced. Turn signals not working. Do the seatbelts work off the turn signal switch? Fuses were looked at and are fine
there's been no signs of anything going out. all the sudden don't start. not battery, it don't jump start,nothing
Pink fluid drips on my clutch foot. Can't tell where it's coming from or what it is
kid just got car it has no power changed plugs helped a little but still acts up no power and some poping
i turn it on and it will idle then 2 sec later it stalls out and the oil light comes on but i know there is enough oil i check it multiple times
Dangerous! Should be recall. Crispy drivers.
Right side turn signals on not blinking no matter what position lever is in. Includes indicator light in dash. Left turn sig works normally. Is not the relay as removing it did not resolve, rght side sig lights stay on with relay removed. I'm afraid it may be the multi function turn sig lever, but if someone else has had this happen and found different cause would appreciate feedback.
October 09, 2014, 12:39
unfortunately, I don't have an ODB1 device. The parts places in Carson or Dayton, NV don't either. It will take 10 days or so to order and receive an aftermarket ODB1 hand-held or plug in. $275 if I take it to a shop (ouch!). I was hoping to find a "cheaters" video or instructions to do a 'wire-jumper' or something to reset flashing code, and the check engine light. I owned a 90 Honda civic, and was able to reset codes to ECU with a jumper wire and a removal of a bat. cable and a emergency flasher fuse technique. I'm having trouble finding sights for how to do this with my 94 merc. tracer. If you, or you know where or direct me to, a sight that shows how to reset (turn-off) these two lights, this would be great. Thank you, Ed
After the engine (1.9) was worked on and a tune up.I do not have a ODB hand-held. How do you reset the check engine light, and how do you turn off the flashing air bag light?
I've recently noticed it's difficult to shift out of park in to drive, also, occasionally My car key will get stuck in the ignition- if I move it from drive to park a few times I can usually get it to come out.

I'm told there's some issue with the shifting mechanisms....but I still don't really know whats wrong....I need help figuring what I should do.
My mechanic days it is due to blowby but this is excessive. I see evidence of oil pushed out of dipstick. Over one qt oil in 180 miles. Before valve seats dropped engine only had small oil leak (one qt in 3000 miles). Could a oil passageway be blocked? I have the 1.9 liter eng.
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