1993 Mercury Tracer Questions

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i tried putting the key in ignition, bucking belts and removing fuses, nothing works. Please help
Trying to set timing on my 1993 mercury tracer 1.9L
Mechanic did not set my timing correct. Not sure if he checked the timing marks on cam and crank prior to removing timing belt. Need to set it correctly. How to get it back to TDC... If I am correct I believe the ford ecort has the same engine... Need help please and thanks
I have air mercury tracer, my grin window I see through to drive always fogs up on me when I drive at night. And every time I turn on the heart in the car to defrost it, it will only make it worse. Pleaser some body help.
fuel pump is good, battery good, enough fluids . i was driving one day and i thought i had a flat tire i slowed down and the car lost power but not all of it i pulled over and it seemed like it wanted to stall but it didnt i turned car off and now it wont start again starter is also good.
had lights on dash now nothing head lites work battery good
I have stalling, lack of power, and surges. Could this be a
faulty TPS?
Car won't shift out of first gear so trying to eliminate smallest problems first before having a diagnostic done on the tranny (pretty expensive). Hope it doesn't need bands adjusted.
Then will not start it turns over but that's it I can hear fuel pump when I turn key on and it had spark at the plugs put a new trimming belt on 2yrs ago the fuel cut off light is on when I turn the key switch seems 2 b pushed in
got all bolts of but one,this bar is in my way .cant get socket in the last bolt what or how can i get the last one out.
Car still overheats.
Replace head with rebuilt one
Fuel cutoff light is on and car will not start.
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