1991 Mercury Tracer Questions

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The car will turn over and start when hot. When I go start it in the morning it turns over for about 4 min and it will start. if you wait several hours you have that problem
The distributor cap Ian showing spark if I test it with the tester but there is a positive indicator on the middle prong in the clip and wire leading into it. Battery is good it will try to start but no spark
getting spark, has gas, pump working.
so the car dies when u turn right but after you do it starts back up and it doesnt do it when your going about under 15 to 20mph.
car starts find when engine is cold.
1989 Mercury Tracer station wagon. 1.6L fuel injected engine with A/T. Has 188K miles.The car has an intermittent starting problem. Some days starts immediately, next day just cranks and cranks and won't start. When it starts, it runs good. I have replaced the battery, distributor (incl cap & button), ignition module, and ignition coil all in the past 45 days thinking the intermittent starting problem might be electrical. It might be a fuel problem, but fuel pump is inside gas tank -- too technical for me. This is a great value for someone who can diagnose the intermittent starting problem and fix it.

the years only went back to 1990. even thought its an old make I just really need sum insight on this problem. thank you
It will not work what so ever and it does not record my milage.
i own a 1989 mercury tracer with a 1.6L motor, 5 speed trans no ac, no p/s, my car just started acting up and now when i start it up from cold i get white smoke, go back and smell it and it is fuel smell to it. what is going on with it??
In drive and overdrive my autotrans slips when going up to the next highest gear, fluid levels are fine, I did however run the car with fluid levels semi low for a couple weeks before adding.. Thanks a bunch =:o)
OK for vehicle is a 1989 Mercury Tracer St. Wagon,w/5-speed manual, 4cyl. It's not listed on the questionaire ( year of vechile) so I fibbed about the year.
"NOW" my vehicle 'died' in the middle of an intercestion, my nephew is working on the vehicle at the shop that he works at. I was told that the Ignition Control Module was the these babies are hard to find, but I located a Ford Dealership ( The Mall of Georgia-Ford)and obtained a 'new' ICM for a cost of about $140.00. The new part was installed, as were 4 new spark plugs + 1-new NAPA distributor cap. On one day there was spark coming from the Ignition Coil to the Distributor, but not going thru to the plugs??? the next day, there was 'NO SPARK" going to the distributor?? My nephew has contacted all of his sources to find out what is goiing on?? and how to fix the problem?? I've just ordered a 'New Replacement' Ignition Coil from NAPA, and hopefully this may solve the problem. Has anyone else whose owned a similar vehicle had these issues??
My car has a pre-ignition ping-knock @ initial start-up and also @ a low idle in gear and also w/air-conditioner on @ idle.
when driving my 91 tracer wagon it has alot of play in the steering car goes from one side of road to the other how can i fix it
what is an inertia switch
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