1991 Mercury Topaz Questions

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Car was driving and rmp gauge started jumping but not engine rpm and then the engine died and won't start again. Car has been setting for a year or more. Oil coolant and trans fluid are all good.
i get under it and bang on starter and wiggle wire on connector it starts. otherwise most of the time it clicks
My water pump went out. It is pouring out antifreeze. I found the pump at carquest- the only place that had it. Now the mechanic says I need a hose- and the ones at the local stores have one that is too small. This is a hose I cannot put my hands on, I don't know the name or where to find it. Knowing a formal name for it would help the search a whole lot.
Did try to figure it out but have no idea
The low and high end ports on the AC system are the old design and are now illegal to use i tried to hook up the new ports that are sold at autozone but they dont fit the threads because its about a bicycle size thread and are too skinny to fit inside the new ports so how can i fill up this system?
I need to add freon but i can' t find the a.c. ports
just had oil changed and I know I need to get a tune up - could it be spark plugs/fuel/fuel filter/sensors?
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