2008 Mercury Sable Questions

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Car completly shuts off at 75 mph
it was cold before charge why is it hot now
Engine,automatic transmission, seals,gasket, drive axle,
does this switch light up when you turn on lights. do the seat position switches ( 1 & 2 ) lite at this time also in a 2008 mercury sable premier
Driving on freeway
There is a loud noise in my dash when i first take off in my car and only lasts about 4 minutes then its gone, what is it.
my 2008 mercury sable power steering rack failed after only 20,000 mile and since the car at the time was over 3yrs old ford would not stand behind it and it cost me $1600.00 now a year later and a total of 32,000 mile the power steering pump went and once again the only thing that ford is offer me is discounts toward a new 2015 ford. I now have to spend another $825.00 and ford cant figure out why I don't want to buy another ford. what ever happen to customer service.
vin 1MEHM43W38G610247
Problem happens off and on for the last couple days now.
Came to a red light and fully stopped. As depressed accelerator the RPM's rev up and vehicle bangs into gear. With 40k on the car has happened at least 3 times.
Dealer couldn't find any codes.
On 50 mile highway trip, quit at 30 miles, started and we additional 20 miles. Speed 75 MPH, outside temp 35 deg.
Car has 65,000 miles, always serviced
Hwy driving is 24 miles per town 17to 20 miles per gal.
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