2005 Mercury Sable Questions

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was driving speed up then theft light came on it stop the car key was stuck in it not now , I started the car put in drive won,t drive
it idle to fast sometimes while driving
Transmission seems as if it tries to slip when shifting into 2nd. Owner says that the fluid and filter has never been changed, at least in the last 100,000 miles. Wandering if the fluid and filter could be the possible cause or if there are any known similar issues for this model?
I am getting a Check Brake System warning. Fluids are full and ABS is good according to owner who had it checked recently and was told it was a speed sensor. Need to know a way to check the sensor and a way, if any, to know which wheel the bad sensor is located on.
Once I get it to start and run awhile I don't have and problems the rest of the day. This only happens in the morning. after the car has set for10 hrs or more.
both the engine light and the 'oil can' light are on
Makes a click noise when trying to start
I just replaced lower control arm and front sway bar bushing and bracket and now car dings without key in the ignition and steering wheel didn't lock. Pleases help

Thank you D
Fuse panel numbers and owner's manual numbers don't match????
replaced bulb blew again. Stopped by a cop and was given a ticket. How to find out where it is leaking and blowing bulb. If it doesn't get fixed will be charged $100
someone told that it could be water in tank or just a loose gas cap
My car will accelerate radomly and will only stop after the gas pedal is hit.
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