2003 Mercury Sable Questions

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Only the car only runs hot when it's moving with the AC on but when it's sitting still and doesn't run hot I just need to know what's causing it to do that.
i have a high beam light stay on when car is turned off and the speedomtere isnt working
Trying to remove the clutch but can't get to the bolts
Can't get to the bolts to remove it
My 2003 Mercury Sable want start or crank. All the instrument lights lights up but that's it. I've catched the battery and the starter and they are both good. This has been an off and on issues since I purchase the vehicle brand new in 2003. Have anyone else had this type of problem with this vehicle of the same year?
no matter what operation I select , air only exits through the defroster vent. When I switch to air conditioning the cool air only exits through the defroster vent.
replace the master cycl bleed the brakes an master cyl an the the brake pedel goes straight to the floor
Try to replace this sensor. Cannot find it
I have an extra Chevy 350 small block engine and was wondering if I could replace the Sable's engine with it. Or is it impossible?
Coded: P0191, replaced the fuel pressure sensor/regulator- engine fault code cleared, but condition remains.
It's just keep it smoking all the time what would cause that problem
door actuator still stuck in heat mode this a auto temp control model. everything cycles like it should defrost,heatvent ,& midairvents ,bl door & recer door move freely with actuator motor not installed.could it be the automatic controll modul not sending a signal?
Sometimes after you turn the car off it may start back. But most of the time now it will not.
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