2002 Mercury Sable Questions

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This happens all the time when I drive
Got power to auxiliary but no power to cig lighter
am buying the sable. the car has sat for a couple of days. It has 144K miles on it
I just need to replace my fuse again or the fuel pump relay in my 2002 mercury sable
only blows cold air even when engine is warm. Turning temp gauge up does not solve problem
The lights that illuminate the mph, rmps, temperature are light only on half of the dash panel. Also the climate control knobs are not illumating anymore. Can you tell me the location of the box? What are they labeled as? Are they 10 amp or 15 amp? I'm assuming it's under the dashboard.
I'm trying to tow this car for a friend it blocking the garage door
The trouble codes that I pulled are saying that theres a misfire in 2 cylinders. Idk for some reaso its got me stumped. The problem is at idle not while driving. Anyone have any idea
i have found the vacuum hose but i cant find where under the hood it will connect so my vents will blow air
The low coolant came on...I filled the reservoir and after shutting the vehicle off the fluid leaked out
shut down while driving
The keyless entry alarm goes on several times a day and it's something that may happen three days a week and then skip a few days and then does it again.
my daughters car is drivin me nuts. i have replaced the tps, idle air control valve, ecm(and had it flashed), mass air flow sensor, fuel pressure sensor and the fuel pump drive module. the new ecm isnt givin me any codes. im at my wits end please cant someone point me in the right direction? the cost of parts is workin on me too!
vehicle lacks high speed power, attached a back pressure gauge in 02 sensor hole readings jump pass 3.0 psi at idle. has 3 catalyst converters how do I find out which one is bad. Miles on car is 150,759.
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