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how many hours labor should I expect to pay for this
The tranny fluid spewed out of the dipstick spout. I added more fluid and noticed a burnt smell on the dip stick. Now it just revvs when i try to accelerate past 15 mph.
First heat was going on and off now it's stuck on. Radio was stuck on too but now it's off. Replaced control panel, wasn't it. Can't figure out how to disconnect the heater. I have book for the car, it has diagrams for fuses but it doesn't say where the fuse to heater is.
When im driving my 2001 mercury sable it will not shift into overdrive and it runs at 4500rpms without shifting
we have tried everything and told this is why we hve no brakes the main brake box i need
I just need to get the old one out w/o doing any damage. That's it, thanks.
it has a 3.0DOHC . It happens only when I speed up when I;m driving
We have had it towed to a repair shop. It has been said that it is a transmission problem. Can you shed any info on this & approximate cost to repair? Even tho 15 yrs old the car only has 51,000 miles. Thx for your help. Bill
something is draining battery. can completely charge, start car and it goes dead in 5 mins. checked alternator and battery and all the fuses. could it be my PCM?
My husband was charging the AC Unit when he noticed the two fans not running. Can you help with Any ideas of how to fix this problem Thanks Gloria
I used the remote start on my car. It started fine but later was not running when I went to leave. I have been unable to start it since.
Last night driving home, the heater would only blow cold air (it was 36• outside). As I reached my destination there was a grinding noise coming from the passenger side which got worse when turning. When I pulled in my driveway, the temp gauge shot up to H. I shut off the car, hood was still ice cold but smelled like antifreeze. Opened hood and a belt on the right side of my engine was shredded. The belt by the water pump is still intact. This belt is on the right side near the battery. What belt is it?
Its at the bottom left side and its yellow
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