2000 Mercury Sable Questions

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I was told by a garage that the "water inlet pipe/hose is what needed to be changed on this car. It appears to me to be the bottom radiator hose. (same thing ?)
It doesn't look like an easy job
can anyone tell me anything
it's been broken by hitting a mailbox
Amy help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Car will not shift put of park
replaced the front struts replaced, brakes wont release from the rotors. All lines look good. Back ones need replaced also but not done yet, front end sits up higher. would this effect the sensors for the ABS and cause them to lock down. Not sure what I should look at next. wasn't doing this before replacing the struts
the car wont start ,the wheel turns 3 forths of the way around and you can hear it hitting something any answer will help
Comes on when doing 65-75 mph. Have taken to shop but they can't find any leaks or problems why this would come on. Any ideas please?
I just replaced both cv axles and lower bll joints. Did I do something wrong?
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