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drives fine for a while then starts to sputter and sometimes dies. it acts like it is not getting fuel. changed air filter, fuel filter, fuel pump. Did not help at all. even if you rev it the rpms do not move when it is acting up. now it is starting to smell like something is burning and the heater will start to blow cold air. can't afford to keep guessing. need help
Car running fine - just didn't have heat from time to time. Had to add water in radiator - car never overheated and also did not go to red on temp guage. I don't see any leaks but am monitoring everything now - could I just monitor all fluids and run car without replacing the timing cover gasket set? Parts are nothing but labor is outrageous making cost almost $600.
My car has been serviced three times with the first repair for code P0401 where all my EGR sensors were changed, engine light stayed out 1 day, light appeared back on ,had it checked code P0174 shows up with code P0401 mechanic checked it again said he had to clean vacuum hoses, ok engine light out for 1 day appears back on on 2nd day ,i also failed inspection iam ready to throw in the towel i have 30 days to have repairs done before re-inspection ,what should i do next please help the car also has a burn smell .
When starting (hot or cold) the RPM goes to 2000 and then down to 900 1-2 seconds later. When driving down the road put the transmission in neutral the RPM goes to 2-3000. I have replaced the IAC, TPS plugs and wires. Cleaned the mass air sensor and replaced some of the vacuum lines but nothing seem to fix the problem. What else can I try to fix this. Thanks
rd of the car. Could this be a shock or something similar.
Had new serpintine belt and adjustor put on. During the replacements, alternator was tightened and battery disconnected. I don't no why. Heater works, aircondioner does not. Can replaceing a fuel filter affect the air conditioner. Dumb when it comes to working on cars.
remove the altenator

i plugged it in at orielly's and was told it was a censor indicating that it is running lean and that i can use a ohm meter to adjust it,how is this done ?
Problem seems to occur after car had been sitting 9 hours and then driven short distance (2 miles) parked briefly (1/2 hr or less) driven another short distance and parked briefly. Fuel pump relay and crank sensor have been replaced.
I can find my way around under the hood okay, I do my own oil and filter changes and minor repairs, but I'm not sure where the O2 sensor is located. I have 120,000 miles on the car and I'd like to try to improve the gas mileage, and I understand that replacing the O2 sensor is one place to start.
my motor shut off going down the road and i can turn my key and it tryes to start but when i let off the key it shuts off
Heater only works on low,when turning up higher it starts to blow cool air.
how to fix water in oil
AAA came to my house and determined that the battery is OK (only 1yr old). When he tried to charge/start it - it would not turnover and catch.
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