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Had to replace oxygen sensor. cleared codes but they still come back on saying oxygen sensor needs replaced
Hubby had hot air coming out at first, then he shut off the car. When he restarted, only cold air. He "burped" accordingly. He states that he hears a flapping, (like maybe a small "door" is loose?) in the duct work. The hoses are hot going into the heater core, and also coming out...please help.
I checked the battery and it's good. I tightened the battery cables and checked the fuses. When it is hooked to another vehicle it will turn over but not start. When disengaged from the other car it acts dead. It happened a few times. Then I got it started and drove it down the highway at 65 for 1 1/2 hrs .I thought maybe it wasn't getting charged enough. It was fine for a few days then did it again. I messed with the wiper switch while turning it over and it finally started. A few days later it stopped and hasn't started again
My cars rpms seem to be off. When idling theyre around 500 and when im on the interstate driving 70mph theyre around 1500. Sometimes theyll get stuck around 1500 and then shoot up to 2500 when on interstate. I just put in a rebuilt tranny. Very frustrated.
After making the final stop while running errands on Monday, my car's engine had a "rough" start. It took about 2 seconds for the engine to stabilize. Once it did the car ran fine and I drove it home w/o any problems.

The car then sat on the driveway for a few days, during two of which we had below freezing temperatures (not sure if it makes any difference here).

When trying to start the car for the first time since Monday, the car cranks but the engine does not attempt to turn over or start. The battery is good and I didn't see any warning lights when trying to start it. The only noticeable sound was the starter(?) cranking over and over again.
There is suppose to be a way to tell how old a tire is plus
I heard they could cause a blow out because of "Dry Rot"?
Have had car for over 6 years. Changed thermostat a few times. Original one covered with black gunk. Overheats most of the time to the point you can smell it inside the car. Could an additive completely stop up cooling system and other times not plug it up completely? Have changed the fluids, etc., also when hot transmission slips. This can occur within 2-3 miles.
there is a leak somewhere and the brake fluid is leaking out
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