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The engine cranks strong. At first replacing the cam positioning sensor worked right away. Now even that is not a quick fix. If I let it sit for a half hour to an hour it starts right up.? It won't do it while at the shop so of course it can't be detected. Have to leave it running when I run into a store.
I got this car back in January she runs a little rough during idle and in park so I took a scan tool to it and it came up with PO401 I looked up the code and it said egr problem I tested the egr it was stuck open so I replaced it then I erased the code and a month later it came back same code so I looked at the hoses and tubes they all seemed fine I decided after that to look at all data and Mitchell and go to find out this vehicle comes with a dpfe now my problem is I can't find it I've looked on the firewall and the engine but I saw no resemblance of what I was looking for I could use a bit of help
My car used to be able to get jumped and it started right up. Now it just barely makes one small single click sound. All the lights turn on and they do not even seem dim... It is extremely cold where I live. So maybe the starter needs to be replaced or the solenoid or I should I just go buy a new battery? Please any light shed on this ridiculous situation, would be greatly appreciated.. thanks guys
started car took off driving acted like it had power surge battery light stays on
My car makes a loud knocking noise only when I accelerate while driving.
Been having a leak and havent been able to find it with my antifreeze until it would cool down then it would drip then it finally just quit holding antifreeze but something happened and either antufreeze or oil and antufreeze just something happen cause whatever the watery rusty looking substance blew all over the front of my motor
why does my car move when I tap the gas while the parking break is engaged, and what steps do I take to stop the o/d off light from blinking in the dash and turn off the ABS light too. I just replaced the front brakes and transmission. Any advise is appreciated.
recently my transmission stopped working and eventually found the TR sensor was out of alignment from shutting the car off in drive. Upon replacing it o/d off light appeared green and blinking. Do I still have it out of alignment? Will it go off after the pcm relearns the system?
Transmission fluid is good. There was no slipping or noise.
Shut car off without putting it in Park. One time too many.No drive in reverse, or drive position. In fact the car will roll forward in reverse. HELP!!!!
Forgot to put car in park before I shut it off, now car wont drive.Help?Instead of placing the car in neutral and restarting the car I put it in park and took the key out of the ignition. I Didn't know it would cause a problem. now reverse and drive are not acting right.
I shut the car off accidentally while in drive a few times. When it happened I immediately put it in park and went into the house. It has happened three times, the last a few days ago. Now my car wont drive. can I reset the sensors and how?
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