1998 Mercury Sable Questions

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Started like if i had a flat then the engine started shaking
Installed new alternator. Cleaned terminals, grounds, new starter,voltage regulator from older ford f150 turned on got 14 reading volts or amps,? Drove 50 miles at stop light smoke pulled over put out fire. Negative ground wires fried .positive wire look untouched. Haven,t started repairs
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Just caught on fire, I did turn on the vent fan
How long have you had this problem? One day
car will start but wont go into gear. wont drive or reverse
Car will start and idle but won't let me drive it after I put it in drive. It will shut down. I've replaced the intake air temp and coils. Air and fuel filters and a new fuel pump. I don't know what else to do?
I changed my brake pads and bled the lines and now the brakes are spongy and don't feel right when I press on the brake pedal.
When I start my car the hazard lights start flashing and I can't turn them off.
Car tries to start but won't turn over. Instead there's 2-4 clicks from the steering column then have to turn the key all the way back and try again and after trying 2-3 times there is a melted plastic smell. I habe no ideas as to where to begin with fixing this issue.
I am semi mechanical, meaning I know how to follow directions well and infreguently lose fingers or other body parts to my tools/ That said I am by no means 'A Mechanic or Wrench" and know when Im beat. I have however replaced clutches and preformed full tuneups on older vehicles. Since their are no electronics involved in this repair is it reasonable to expect I could save myself some 75% of the total cost of this repair by doing it myself?
lights dim alt quits fuel inj stops working.Happens on hot days
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