1997 Mercury Sable Questions

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Car was in an accident. The sound coming from the car sounds like a race car engine. What could be wrong
Car was in an accident. Passenger side door doesn't open.
What will it cost to replace or fix door. The window glass was shattered. there is no window.
My car has been overheating got thermostat replaced and fans working...Car will not keep antifreeze in. Now my engine is knocking. What can be the problem?
im having problems with my brake lights they wont go off and i've replaced the swich and i cant understand what can be wrong now and i dont have my owners manual so im lost plz help
Can not get heat inside the car. Theomstat is working, not overheating. Can it be the water pump? Or maybe the heater core.
I recently bought a used Sable and when the car has not been on for a few hours such as 6 or more hours the radio won't turn on, however if i pop the hood in the front and slam it shut the radio will work. But this is only if it isn't on for more than 6 hours because i have left it for an hour or so and the radio turned on. Does anyone have any clue what could be the problem?
my engine light came on an stayed on i put a new gas cap on an it syayed off for a little while then came back on now it wont pass a emission
i took my 97 mercury sable to get smoged an it failed because i had a evaporative emission system leak (large leak) what dose it mean an how do i fix it
My turn signals fuse blows evrey other day, then i have to change it.
Why does my car shakes at a normal speed?
One became detached. There are two places where the electric nodes attach via what looks like soldering to the defrost grid on the rear window (which raises up independent of the rear door). The nodes are at the end of coiled, soft black rubber-coated wiring which hangs visibly near the rear window from the ceiling of the car. Safelite windshield repair has already been contacted -- they do not do this locally. Seems like a fairly simple process, but want a pro who knows what they are doing as I don't want to take a chance having my rear windshield crack with too much soldering heat.
The radio will work when car is in park but when you put it into gear the radio stops working and also the air and heat the blower on the same panel with the radio does not work
Brake fluid is not getting to the rear brakes. Some type of porportion value, can not find location. Help!
It started with the icon light indicating a door was open staying on all the time. Slammed all the doors. The light won't go off. Then the interior overhead light wouldn't shut off. Tried the dimmer switch. No effect. Took the bulb out. Now the day/running lights won't shut off after I turn my car off. I unplug the batter cable every time to prevent draining the batter. What's going on and how much is this going to cost me?
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