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I check the code it pops up P0302, misfire on cylinder 2. I had Spark plugs check and coil changed. After code still pops up. I had a shop do a test to find out what the cause is and was told to check with Ford Dealer. I have good combustion, air flow, gas, ignition. They couldn't find out. I did not take it to the Dealer for the ridiculous price to diagnose. When to a second shop said the same thing. When I had the tune-up the car didnt bring the code up till miles later then recently code P0302 and P0303 code pops up. Reset the computer the only code after 5 miles pops up is P0302. I cant pass the DEQ with the check engine light on.
The bushings have cracked and fallen off and need to be replaced. Is it dangerous to drive without them?

The check engine light is also on and a diagnostic test said it was the fuel pump sensor. I am also trying to get a general idea of what that costs and how urgent it is.

Thank you
went to jump it off last night and there was a clicking in the inside fuse panel even with the key off. found it it was a relay for battery saver. never heard of such a thing before .also had it checked at auto parts and was told there was a 6 amp drain when key is off
restarted have to give it more throttle to start
6cyl 3.0 with 190000 miles
Been to Dealer for diagnosis. Unsuccessful. Car is quiet in town under 35 mph, and at high speed when turning LEFT on freeway. No clunks or clicking. sounds like a plane. We're thinking wheel bearing? Sound does not go away when put in neutral at high speed.
car isnt running hot.kills battery unless disconnected
car would sit for 3 or 4 days nad we would have to boost to start. Eventaully the battery would only hold a 11 volt charge and then evry time we tried to start it we would have boost it. I replaced the battery and the car sit for 3 days and then no power. I also changed the battery cables.
the dioagnostics code reads P0340 and P0430.. so what should i do first and look for? everything looks brand new on this car... i just bought it but the ckeck engine light wont go out...the car passedd emmisions but the light wont go out..even f i reset it..
how much should it cost
We replaced the lower compression hose and soon after we had the leak. It has gotten worse i can see leaking even when the car is in motion. it is like the car is peeing but only under the passenger side headlight.
97 Merury Sable 6 cyl DOHC just started showing service engine light and local Autozone read P0171, P0174, P0402, and P1401. Just replaced EGR valve, sensor, solenoid 3 yrs ago. If MAF goes (171/174), can it cause the EGR codes (402,1401) as downstream impact?
Do i need to remove the exhaust that is blocking the pan from coming out or the motor mounts?
How do you remove the left side trim to get to the instrument panel
Which catalytic converter is normally on the 97 sable??? is it direct or from right or from left???? makes a difference in price range
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