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bought car 3 months ago

There was no indication that I was having any previous problem. It had been running and starting just fine. Engine will turn over, but not start.

I have a p0340 code from the emission test

while driving electric windows will not work.when I stop
and put car in park, they work fine. can you help?

I had air pump replaced hoses checked a local mechanic could not find the problem,the pump works its when the test is about through it stops causing the code please help cannot pass Oregon deq!

There is a loud knocking sound coming from top end twards ack of motor but when you push the gas a bring the rpm it don't knock as loud

Original owner, 133K miles, flushed system every 50K--Engine is Overheating after 10 to 15 mins. Upper hose line to radiator shakes w/ bubbling when hot and overflow cap whistles with new & proper mix of fluid. No hot air through cabin heat with full fan and highest temp.

What I have completed: changed thermostat; flushed lines w/treatment; blew out lines to heating coil and throughout upper system. Coolant flows out reservoir & radiator drain, line to thermostat, upper lines during inline radiator flush. Can't be sure of the flow through radiator or determine what is a proper flow of coolant during engine run.

Could radiator be clogged or waterpump bad?


Also P0420 code

The low power happens mostly when in first gear with either acceleration or slowing down.

I have changed fluid and filter and added lucas trany additive and cured this problem before! But is their a problem with these trans I don't know about?

I check the code it pops up P0302, misfire on cylinder 2. I had Spark plugs check and coil changed. After code still pops up. I had a shop do a test to find out what the cause is and was told to check with Ford Dealer. I have good combustion, air flow, gas, ignition. They couldn't find out. I did not take it to the Dealer for the ridiculous price to diagnose. When to a second shop said the same thing. When I had the tune-up the car didnt bring the code up till miles later then recently code P0302 and P0303 code pops up. Reset the computer the only code after 5 miles pops up is P0302. I cant pass the DEQ with the check engine light on.

The bushings have cracked and fallen off and need to be replaced. Is it dangerous to drive without them?

The check engine light is also on and a diagnostic test said it was the fuel pump sensor. I am also trying to get a general idea of what that costs and how urgent it is.

Thank you