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Id bought a 97 sable but was never given the door code. Where can i find the factory code, and if a personal code was programmed how could i replace with factory code?
fluid & filter replaced/codes reed bad trany selector switch sensor/wont shift pass 3rd gear/AX4N trany.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's worse when engine warm
My blower motor for my air flow works bit no air comes out the vents or defrost
The fans does worknunless the air and it is leaking water but not on the ground, my nephew said that it's missing the radiator
where is the started located on a 1997 sable
The radio works fine. But for some reason the sound only works if it's in park and neutral. As soon as I put it in gear there's no audio.
checked the hoses front washer not working i filled it with fluid rear one works do i replace front washer
how can i tell if my washer pump is bad (front) rear one works ok
need to replace it
getting spark ,fuel, compresion , about 35lbs of fuel presure when i hook up a code reader kept saying cumputer has no ptdtcs to read
Its Not the Gas Pressure Regulater.
97 mercury sable gs 125 000 miles
car will drive to first gear but not 2nd gear.
Well I was just trying to view a schematic that I found on google images and it keeps directing me to u. Wifey has a 96 or 97 mercury sable 3.0 I believe don't know if its a DOC or not. From other repairs and autozone bought parts i want to say it isn't a DOC but it's the bare bones engine that was offered at the 3.0L. Transmission leak started last fall and was coming from upper tansmission heater hose on right side of engine. I was able to finally stop the leak after months and months of dicking with it while continuing to add 2 quarts of the manufactures suggested transaxle fluid a week while adding small portions at a time while u go and running n park and blah blah blah same old stuff to keep the fluid correct and never over top of crosshairs on dipstick and never below crosshairs except very first when discovered. The car is old was never take care of and sat outside for an entire year b4 we purchased the car for $400.00. So all repairs have been done by me and always cheap as when the car is done its done i won't dump $$$$ into a car that sat for a year and wasn't started a single time. When my wife got to work today she said there was some smoke not a lot on a little coming from underneath the antifreeze heater hose below the T that it makes on backside of engine damn near against the fire wall. Well from he explaining and some lousy pics she sent wih no fluid or smoke i course i have determined that it isn't the front tranny seal as she still has tranny fluid when checked and is just about where it was last time. So if front seal is not to blame what is. Antifreeze lvls checked and good PS checked and good oil checked and good. Oil pan gasket needs replaced but i just toss a quart a week n the car as it doesn't leak bad. Brake fluid is good. So if all fluids are close to full or close to where hey were las time the only option is what fluid has dropped the most that is in or above the above me jones region. I am left with tranny fluid. So let's say its tranny fluid but I didn't blow the front seal. Is it a grommet or a bushing I'm missing or some kind of pump? Its a small leak so i doubt I blew te tranny seal as I never overfilled tranny fluid and it wasn't pouring out. From her pictures it's right around the base of the dipstick to check the rranny fluid. She checked the color and smell of fluid on the phone: no carbon clean fluid and no burning smell. The smoke was whitesh in her words. Any help ideas pics or partial to full schematics would b great. Ty for your time sorry for the novel but i figure a good detailed history will help u diagnose the problem without having any visuals or hands i with the car again ty in advance any and all ideas u may have are respected and greatly appreciated
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