1997 Mercury Sable Questions

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To change bulb on brake light

need to plug device from progressive insurance into smog check port
it would click then go up or down then it just quit so i replaced the motor and still nothing
My car will start but i have to keep trying 2 3 times before it does.. 97 mercury sable.
It will click when i first try to then when it does start sounds like it doesn't want to stay started. Can it be the starter going out? Or filter of some kind?
Car will go to nutral but won't move feel stuck can't started gas is real low and it's going up hill
Id bought a 97 sable but was never given the door code. Where can i find the factory code, and if a personal code was programmed how could i replace with factory code?
fluid & filter replaced/codes reed bad trany selector switch sensor/wont shift pass 3rd gear/AX4N trany.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's worse when engine warm
My blower motor for my air flow works bit no air comes out the vents or defrost
The fans does worknunless the air and it is leaking water but not on the ground, my nephew said that it's missing the radiator
where is the started located on a 1997 sable
The radio works fine. But for some reason the sound only works if it's in park and neutral. As soon as I put it in gear there's no audio.
checked the hoses front washer not working i filled it with fluid rear one works do i replace front washer
how can i tell if my washer pump is bad (front) rear one works ok
need to replace it
getting spark ,fuel, compresion , about 35lbs of fuel presure when i hook up a code reader kept saying cumputer has no ptdtcs to read
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