1996 Mercury Sable Questions

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looks like might be in the reservoir can I try stop leak?
a/c wont turn off even when turned to heat mode and is causing car to over heat
The car died again after headed back home on the interstate but then just rolled over like out of gas but had a full tank?
I want to put front mount's on but I need to know how many??
My fluid looks a little muddy and far from red. Seeing that it's not a hard job draining the return line while turning stop to stop, then refill. Turn wheel stop to stop then refill. Check after short test ride to rid the system of any air. But is it true fords fluid is best and is it synthetic or regular type F. Thanks for the help as the car is worth it, runs great and gives me no grief. Thanks guys for your time to respond. The Falcon !!!
I had a starter motor replaced and since occasionally the battery light would come on but even now that seems to have fixed itself. I have cleaned the battery posts but that didn't help the battery light from coming on and off once or twice a week. Sounds like a bad ground I know but both problems cured? MMMM
So tired of boring cars. So many look like cookie cutter look alikes. HELP
I then put the shift in drive for a second or 2 then back in park and it seems to cure the problem every time. You think it might be the pump or valve body?
the battery checks out w/12.4 and charging system is around 14
WHY won't MY Windows work and the locks wont work either
the engine sounds like a bird chirping,or a noisy lifter
Car drives fine, transmission finds all gears while driven but when I come to a stop it goes out of gear as if it were in neutral. I have to shut car off/restart or simply put it in park and then back into drive for it to re-engage into gear.
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