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it also when revved it gets pre-detonation.
car is at the shop man said could not find anything wrong with my car he said he was going to have to check the computer in the car .....thank you
Just cranks. Replaced coil and ignition module and it still does the same thing
has been done. the only thing i have not done is the air bypass valve n a tranny flush/filter.
After losing power, I have to stop the car. I turn engine off then back on. It works okay for another few miles then the same thing happens. what might be causing this?
it also shifts hard when shifted from park into drive
complete distributor replaced alone with wires and spark plugs and it still will wont start. so i had a guy to check it out and it started and ran around the block once. then it would not start and if it did it would not stay running, i have a new Constant Control Relay Module, the little back box mounted on the hood, so when trying to start it, i hear the box keep clicking and the fuel pump keeps humming, even if it starts for a little while the box wont stop clicking. someone please help
now while driving wants to cut out or not shift
New ignition has been put in. Battery tested good. Starter tested good. So frustrating. Car starts in the morning, but won't in afternoon. Sometimes there is a small grumble, mostly nothing clicks. I go back in the cool of the evening and it will start. Same thing over and over. Its been getting worse lately. Started for me fine at 10:30 a.m. At 3 p.m. ABSOLUTELY would not start. Some times rocking helped. Next time does not. I go back later and it will start.
It starts just fine but won't move when i put it in gear.
illustration manual
What is the approximate fair cost to replace the intake manifold gasket?
The air conditioner does not work all the time, sometimes it blows semi cool air, sometimes it does not work at all, and some times it works. The same with the heating system.
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